10 FAQs About Removing Negative Information From Google

It can take quite a bit of time and effort to remove negative information from search engine results– especially one as respected as Google. If you plan to embark upon this journey, following are ten FAQs to consider:

1. How can I get negative information removed immediately? There is no easy or immediate way to remove web content unless you own it. You can try to contact the website owner, explain that the material is not actually an accurate reflection of your business, and then politely request that they remove the content.

2. Can I submit a DMCA request? If the offensive information is copyright-infringing material that is being used without your permission, you can submit a DMCA request to have it removed.

3. Do I have any legal recourse? It can be difficult and expensive to try and have negative information removed from the internet through legal action, even if you feel you have a strong case for defamation or libel.

4. Can I contact Google directly? Google is unlikely to remove negative information unless they receive a DMCA request, the request is to remove highly sensitive personal information like bank account numbers, or the request is to remove revenge porn.

5. What can I do to make negative information less visible and damaging? An efficient, effective way to handle negative information is to bury it with volumes of positive, relative content.

6. How do I boost SEO of positive information? Create unique, engaging and valuable content that users love and share.

7. How long will it take to bury negative information? It can vary widely depending upon how strong the negative information is and how strong one’s positive information is.

8. Can we buy traffic to our website to boost ratings? This is considered a “black hat” technique that is used to try and cheat the system. It’s dishonest and risky, as Google may find out and issue tough penalties.

9. If negative information is still on the first page after a year, have we failed? No– in fact online reputation campaigns that are designed to improve a business’ reputation can take longer than a year to achieve desired results.

10. Are there any short term tactics that can help us? The simple answer is no. Short term tactics may not yield stable results, and so can be a waste of precious time and effort.

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